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This mortgage calculator is pre-populated with conservative estimates in accordance with the Denver, Colorado area. Interest, insurance, and tax rates may fluctuate. For an exact estimation on monthly mortgage payments, please contact us.

How to Estimate Your Mortgage Payment

Using this calculator will give you a rough estimate for monthly mortgage payments. It includes the four main parts of a mortgage payment:


Principal equals the purchase price minus the down payment amount.


Interest is the money paid for the ability to borrow money. Interest is described as a percentage rate. Due to a concept called amortization, mortgage borrowers will pay more interest than principal in the beginning of the loan term.


Taxes are collected by a homeowner’s local government. The tax rate is a percentage of a home’s assessed value.


With most loan programs, private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required. PMI is included within this mortgage calculator’s estimation. Home insurance is a separate type of insurance which your lender will also likely require. The rate may vary according to your level of coverage.

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