The Mortgage Process

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Although the mortgage process requires a small village of loan professionals, it should feel easy from the homebuyer’s point of view. Let’s look at the mortgage process step by step.

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  • Initial Consultation

    This is time for us to gain an understanding of your goals and circumstances. And we’ll discuss strategies to achieve your goals. If you’re ready to proceed, your Loan Officer will send you a link to complete a loan application.

  • Application

    Our innovative lending portal has an intuitive application process, and delivers a tailored experience based upon your unique circumstances, determining what information is needed and making it easy to link accounts, provide documents, and get real-time updates on your loan status.

  • Processing

    Our team ensures your loan file is prepared for underwriting for fast review and minimal conditions. Most of the work at this step is transparent to you, but we’ll reach out to you if additional information/documents are needed.

  • Underwriting and Approval

    In today’s fast-moving, competitive market, an underwritten pre-approval gives buyers an advantage. Fairway Advantage Pre-approval is underwritten except for certain property details (contract, title search, and appraisal), which means when you make an offer, sellers know the home is as good as sold. Then, when you are under contract, the title work and appraisal are completed, and you’re ready to close.

  • Closing

    Using Fairway Express Close, closing day is a breeze. Fairway Express Close allows borrowers to sign all closing documents digitally. A fully digital closing experience is a relatively new development, and we are a national leader in delivering this solution to clients. Our dedicated eClose team provides a fast and efficient experience. Now you’ll receive keys to your new home. Congratulations!

Your first step starts now.

Homebuyers all along the Rocky Mountain Region trust Fairway of the Rockies. Our lending philosophy is education-first with a focus on you. Begin our simplified mortgage process now with our quick pre-qualification form.